By Thierry Luyer - Amateur photographer


A raging ocean that relentlessly launches its breakers against the cliffs in a crash of foam and froth. The wind howls, the cotton flies, enveloping the shore in a milky, damp veil.

"The anger of the ocean then becomes a grandiose symphony offered by nature for those who know how to listen to it."


Mist and fog that hide the landscape while transforming it.

A ghostly atmosphere where we expect at any moment to see the bow of a boned wreck emerge like ghosts wandering through the twists and turns of time.

When the eye only sees a few meters away, hearing takes over, attentive to the slightest sound that propagates on the surface in white silence. In the distance the sound of an engine and two echoing voices, certainly fishermen, closer to the oars plunging regularly into the water, or perhaps the paddles of a kayak, a seagull cry heard above our heads...

"The mist always ends up returning to nature the landscape it has veiled."

Blue hour

Moment, at dawn or dusk, when the sky fills with an exceptional, deep and intense blue.

Time then freezes for a few minutes, silence reigns, blue hues color the sea and the sky and sublimate them.

"Here comes the blue hour, a fleeting moment when shadow and light set the azure ablaze."

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A "disgorger" is a basin which fills and empties with seawater according to the tides. The oysters are placed in lockers there before being marketed to finish their filtration work and get rid of all the small impurities such as mud or grains of sand.