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The legend of the Gulf of Morbihan

The origin of the Gulf of Morbihan is among the best-known Brittany legends.

A long time ago, fairies were chased out of the forest of Brocéliande.
They shed so many tears that the Gulf of Morbihan was created.

It is said that they threw their flower crowns there.
And these crowns gave birth to the three hundred and sixty-five islands of the gulf.
Thus, according to legend, there are as many islands in the Gulf of Morbihan as there are days in the year.

Three crowns even ventured as far as the Ocean to form the offshore islands.
The most beautiful of the three, that of the queen of the fairies, begat Belle-Ile-en-Mer.
And the other two crowns were at the origin of Houat and Hoedic.

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